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Our Mission

At Sea Ware Captains, we are committed to making the world of boating safer and more enjoyable for you.  We have a real passion for the water and for the environment which percolates through everything we do.

Our experienced skippers, crew and shore staff provide professional yacht delivery meeting the highest standards.  Our instructional programs, which range from Basic Safety to Offshore Passage Making are led by the highest quality instructors and conform to standards set down by the American Sailing Association (ASA), US Sailing, NASBLA, STCW and the US Coast Guard.

Our Philosophy

Sailing becomes more enjoyable, and each sailor becomes more competent, as the boats, the equipment, and even sailing itself is demystified.  Our teaching approach is very process-oriented.  We want you to understand why things are the way they are, and why we do things the way we do them. 

Rather than providing you with procedures to follow, we prefer to work from first principles so that you can develop your own effective boating style.  This style may not be for everyone; however, we believe that in the long run, this approach will lead to stronger fundamental skills allowing you to adapt to varying situations.  This will help you become more competent on the water and more confident in your abilities.  

For our yacht delivery customers, we want you to understand the process as well.  We will gladly transport you and your friends for all or part of a delivery, and work with you at your desired level.  We are also glad to simply move your boat for you.  In any case, we will spend some time making sure that we share with you everything we learn about your boat underway.

Instructional Delivery Program

We have been working with sailing schools and charter companies to develop education programs that make the world of ocean sailing accessible to more people. 

Through our instructional delivery program, we are able to provide the boat owners with decreased delivery costs in exchange for providing offshore opportunities for our students at reduced cost to the student.  This program, which we have operated since 2003, is a real winner for all participants!

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this program.  We are always looking for students, crew, and boats, as well as sailing schools that wish to expand their curriculum through this innovative program.

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