Sea Ware Captains Our Skipper and Crew


Captain Andrew Bereson has been helping all kinds of boaters improve their skills since 1983.  He has a passion for sailing and the joy of safe boating.  He knows the sailing life having been in the industry for over twenty years and has spent many years living aboard.

Captain Bereson has held a USCG Masters License since 1985 and is endorsed for All Oceans.  He also holds numerous certifications and endorsements including: STCW, Unlimited Radar Observer, Marine Radio Operator, and is certified in wilderness first aid and CPR.  He has logged many thousands of ocean miles as captain. 

He grew up near the Chesapeake Bay where his family kept a large motor yacht and two smaller fishing skiffs.  Vacations and summers were spent on the water.  In his rebellious teen years he abandoned his parents’ love for power boats and took up sailing.  Soon, he was racing on his school’s sailing team and spending his summers sharing his passion for the sport at Annapolis Sailing School as a junior instructor.

Captain Bereson is certified by both ASA and US Sailing as an Offshore Passage Making instructor.  He works on both power and sail boats and is a master of both terrestrial and celestial navigation.  Since 1983 he has worked for numerous sailing schools across the country, including Annapolis Sailing School in Annapolis, Getaway Sailing School in Baltimore, Coastline Sailing School in Connecticut, Chicago Sailing Club, Windworks Sailing School and the Seattle Sailing Club both of Washington, as well as numerous other schools, clubs and yacht charter companies.

Although sailing is Captain Bereson’s passion, it is not a full time vocation.  He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and when not sailing he is busy tracking satellites for NASA or improving computer systems on Boeing aircraft.  He also holds a degree in Philosophy and will gladly debate you on any topic.  To round things out, he is an avid skier and a musician playing folk and old-time music on various stringed instruments.


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